SOD Coffee is an organic, easy to drink, every day coffee. You can choose from whole beans, which have been roasted at different levels to match your taste, or choose to go or the Drip Bag style, where you can easily brew at home, at office, or on the go!

SOD Coffee beans are sourced from our own farms and our network of organic farms under Project Shade SOD Coffee are a masterful and balanced blend between our washed process and honey process beans. Even though the blend ratio varies each year due to the nature of coffee beans, the flavour remains the same, thanks to our R&D team.

SOD Drip Bag Coffee

175.00 ฿ 157.50 ฿

SOD Coffee Light Roasted 200g

270.00 ฿ 243.00 ฿

SOD Coffee Medium Roasted500g

625.00 ฿ 562.50 ฿

SOD Coffee Medium Roasted200g

270.00 ฿ 243.00 ฿