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PANA Manufacturing Facilities

PANA Coffee Group in elevating Thailand’s specialty coffee to an international level of quality.

Using State of the Art coffee processing equipment and technology we deliver products and services that exceed expectations at every stage along the way.

From growing the right coffee to creating the package that ends up on your shelf, excellent care is taken each step of the way to develop the perfect cup of coffee, every time.

Available Tolling Services


Once fresh coffee cherries are harvested they are delivered to the wet mill, they are inspected, washed, separated and meticulously processed before being carefully dried.


After Processing, the hull or husk layer of the coffee is removed through “cold-hulling.” The green coffee is then sorted by size, density and color before packing in hermetically-sealed bags.

Roasting & Packing

After green coffee raw materials are prepared, they are carefully delivered to our Roastery where they are roasted and packed before being distributed as finished goods.


Our primary goal as a private label coffee roaster is to work with coffee shops and businesses to create a unique and customery coffee product that meets both their specifications.