Cloudy Hill Honey Process

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Varieties Arabica, Catimor, E88, E90, Chiang Mai 80

Tasting Note Floral Tea, Maple Syrub, Stone Fruit Acidity, Silky body

Roast Level Light Roast

Our Commitment to Freshness:

Cloudy Hill Coffee is freshly roasted every Monday and ships the following day. Each order cut-off time is 5:00 PM (GMT+7) of the day before the roast day.

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Cloudy Hill Honey Process

Our honey process begins with hand-picking only the fully ripe coffee cherries, which naturally contain high sugars content. Then, their skins are carefully peeled, using minimum water to retain their natural sugar. The freshly pulped coffee is then slowly dried with a layer of the fruit still intact on raised beds for up to 16 days. During this time, exciting natural microbes slowly play their role to produce mellow tone, high sweetness, and balanced acidity in this award-winning produce.

Tasting Note: Floral Tea, Maple Syrub, Stone Fruit Acidity, Silky body


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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 4.8 × 2 × 7.2 cm

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