Cloudy Hill Chom View Blend

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Varieties Arabica, Catimor, E88, E90, Chiang Mai 80

Tasting Note Cocao, Maple Syrup, Stone Fruit

Roast Level Light Roast

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Cloudy Hill ChomView Blend

This superlative blend of our washed process and award-winning honey process. Each was roasted with its own unique profile that accentuates the best characteristic of both coffees. This combination strikes a superb balance between delicate acidic notes and a complex sweetness with a medium body. This blend can create a balanced espresso great on its own or when paired with milk. The blend was inspired at ChomView Cabins, its namesake, where located in the middle of DoiMek Plantation with good vibes.

Tasting Note: Cocao, Maple Syrup, Stone Fruit


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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 4.8 × 2 × 7.2 cm

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