Cloudy Hill Washed Process

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Varieties Arabica, Catimor, E88, E90, Chiang Mai 80

Tasting Note Herbal Tea, Sugar cane, Lime

Roast Level Light Roast

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Cloudy Hill Washed Process

Washed process allows us to taste the true, intrinsic flavours of the origin and variety of the coffee. We begin the process by meticulously pulping the fully ripe coffee fruits with our state of the art pulping machine, to ensure no coffee beans are damaged. The pulped coffee then goes through a dry fermentation process overnight while being closely monitored. After the fermentation process is complete, the coffee is then thoroughly washed and rinsed once again, before being dried on raised beds for up to 11 days in a controlled environment. This produces a nice and bright acidity that lingers.

Tasting Note: Herbal Tea, Sugar cane, Lime


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Weight 250 g
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